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Delivery and Set Up

We offer free delivery within a 50 mile radius from any of our sales locations. All buildings 12 feet wide and over require a special hauling permit. The charges for these permits will be added to the price of the building at the time of sale.

The locations where the building will sit should be fairly level and free of any stumps, rocks, or debris. Although it is not required, if you would like to have a gravel pad we have someone we can recommend who can install it for you.

Make sure we have access and enough clearance to transport the building to its final destination. Please discuss with your sales rep the number of blocks needed to level, if any. We will level the building upon deliver, and thereafter the customer shall be responsible for keeping it level.

A common misconception that we will have to pull a truck and trailer into your yard. With our machine, The Mule, we will be able to move your Amish Barn off of the trailer and move it with a machine the size of a garden tractor.

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