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Rent to own is for anyone who needs a storage building or structure, but does not have the extra cash on hand to pay out. Or maybe you do have the money, but still would rather make payments. 

Regardless of the situation, we now have the right program to fit anyone's budget.

We offer three easy rental terms from which to choose:

24 months        36 months         48 months 

Pay structure off quicker with the 24 month rent-to-own plan. Or have lower payments with the 48 month rent-to-own plan.

No other company offers this kind of financing with NO credit check!

To get started, just pay the first and last month's rent-to-own fees plus taxes, and the damage waiver which is optional. Thereafter, you will be billed each month. You can pay of the building in full at any time without penalty.

Have your sales rep determine what your monthly cost would be, based on the structure you are purchasing.

For your convenience, we've included the 48 month rent-to-own figures for every price on this website.

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