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Options For Your Barn

(not all options available on all buildings)

84-inch Double Doors---$220
72-inch Double Doors---$180
60-inch Double Doors---$170
48-inch Double Doors---$160
36-inch House Door with Window---$375
36-inch House Door without Window---$300
36-inch Shop Door---$110
36-inch Loft Door---$70

14-inch by 21-inch---$45
18-inch by 27-inch---$55
24-inch by 36-inch---$90
24-inch by 36-inch slider---$80
24-inch by 36-inch insulated---$150
6-foot Transom---$75
Window Shutters---$80 per set
Flower Box---$40

Overhead Doors:
White 9-foot by 7-foot Non-insulated---$500
Brown 9-foot by 7-foot Non-insulated---$550
White 9-foot by 7-foot insulated---$850
Brown 9-foot by 7-foot insulated---$95

(add to base price)
Floor, Ceiling, Walls---15% of base price each
with 7/16th-inch OSB---45% of base price

(add to base price)
Heavy Duty Floor---10% of base price
Skylight---$5 linear square foot
4x6 Skids---$4 linear square foot
Workbench 24-inch wide---$6 per linear foot
Shelving 12-inches wide---$4 per linear foot

6-foot by 5-foot---$150
9-foot by 5-foot---$225
10-foot by 5-foot---$250

8-foot rafter---$15
10-foot rafter---$18
12-foot rafter---$23
14-foot rafter---$28

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