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Our Lofted High Barn Cabin is a great Amish Barn that our customers have turned into workshops, she-sheds, and would even make for a great tiny home. With the Lofted High Barn Cabin's 6-foot deep porch you can enjoy a nice summer night right from the front of your cabin. This Cabin also offers plenty of storage with a 6-foot deep loft over the porch and a 4-foot deep loft in the rear. The width is up to you.


The 2 windows in the cabin allow for light to travel in and our options of different door can help air to travel through when you are working from your new home office or workshop.


The Lofted High Barn comes with a wide variety of standard features including:

~6-foot Porch

~6-foot loft over porch

-4-foot loft in the rear of the cabin

~choice of door

~two 18-inch by 27-inch windows

~metal roof (21 color choices)

~siding choices



***we also offer this structure in a deluxe cottage style***

this features a beatiful A-frame roof with a 6 inch overhang

Lofted High Barn Cabin

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